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Her Majesty by Inebriantia
Her Majesty
In all of her grandeur there she was, Her Majesty Kirkjufell mountain, posing elegantly and creating endless awe in all her admirers. I trembled before such an incredible vision and, after bowing in humble reverence, tried to capture her the best I could.

This is one of the photos made during the morning of the second day in Iceland, in my September 2014 trip. After having the honor of witnessing a fantastic Northern Lights display during the previous night, I still had to spend some more time in this incredible place during the morning, before heading to Hvitserkur. The weather was densely overcast, so it was a good opportunity for very long exposures and playing with shapes and reflections.

José Ramos © www,

Facebook Pessoal:

Technical data:

Sony a77 + Sigma 10-20mm
Aperture: f/16
Shutter speed: 180 seconds
ISO: 50
Focus: Manual
Wireless Remote Timer
Filters. Formatt Hitech ProStop IRND 7 stops full ND, 4 stop soft ND Grad
Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 tripod + MH055M0-Q6 ballhead
Eternal by Inebriantia

A gorgeous rock formation in a famous portuguese beach, erupting right in the middle of the wild shorebreak, showing us the
eternal sculpting of the earth by the elements.

Location: Santa Cruz Beach, Portugal

José Ramos © www,

- Facebook:…
- Instragram:…

Technical data:
Sony a77 + Sigma 10-20mm
Exposure: 30 seconds
Aperture: f/11
ISO: 100
Filters: Formatt Hitech Firecrest 4 stops Full ND + Firecrest 3 stop ND Grad
Manfrotto Tripod
Wireless remote shutter
Manual Focus
The Natural Networks IV by Inebriantia
The Natural Networks IV
"The Natural Networks IV" | Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

Entangled in the endless stream of thoughts, mirrored by the natural networks of the Earth, anger subsides and serenity finally prevails.

José Ramos © 


The story:

Shot recently in Vila Nova de Milfontes, in one of my favourite spots. When the tide is low at sunset, you can witness this intricate and beautiful pattern of exposed rocks. This is just the second time I've been at this spot, as you need to shoot it under the right conditions. It's not easy to get the simultaneous presence of low tide, good sunset, clouds, sun orientation and available time. There were just two photographers shooting this place, including me, showing that Portugal must be one of the most under-rated photo destinations in the world...

Technical details:
This was one of the first times where I had the opportunity to test the new Firecrest filters that Formatt Hitech sent me. Used a 7 stop full ND on this one, along with a 3 stop Soft ND Grad and a 3 stop Reverse Grad (prototype) for the sky.

Sony a77 + Sigma 10-20mm
Exposure: 30 seconds
Aperture: f9
ISO: 100
Formatt Hitech Firecrest filters: 7 stop Full ND; 3 stop soft ND Grad, 3 stop Reverse Grad
Manfrotto Tripod
Wireless remote shutter
Synchronicity II by Inebriantia
Synchronicity II
"Synchronicity" Kirkjufell, Iceland

When all elements combine on a single landscape, photons start creating music, and visual dreams suddenly become real.

José Ramos ©

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All my images available for licensing or prints. 


My second published Kirkjufell sunset shot. After sleeping inside the rental car in Keflavik (the plane arrived at 1am), I decided to head to Kirkujfell next day. I had seen this mountain so many times on 500px and other galleries, and yet it still kept me fascinated every single time with its singular shape, frequently adorned by beautiful waterfalls. As soon as I arrived I could feel my heart racing with the excitement, and I rushed to the spot and photographed it from many angles until it was absolutely dark. 

I'm not one who likes to brag about being "absolutely unique" on a certain place, creating his "own interpretations" of a scene, just for the sake of setting myself apart from other photographers. This photo is a great example of that. A Kirkujfell photograph with the three waterfalls is an image beaten to death? Well, under the perspective of online photography addicts or people with giant budgets, most certainly yes, but still only about 0,0000001% of photographers have the chance to visit such place. This is so much more about showing visions of nature than showing ourselves...

Technical data:

Sony a77 + Sigma 10-20mm 
Aperture: f/11 
Shutter speed: 30 seconds 
Focus: Manual (for hyperfocal distance) 
Wireless Remote Timer 
Filters. Formatt Hitech ProStop IRND 4 stops full ND, 3 stop soft ND Grad 
Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 tripod + MH055M0-Q6 ballhead
Sublimation by Inebriantia
"Sublimation" | Skogafoss, Iceland

"With the unique ability of being at the same time one of the most powerful waterfalls in Iceland, as well as certainly the most elegant, Skogafoss is one of the best examples of natural sublimation, where the thunderous water is suprisingly transformed into a smooth flowing river. I felt I could witness this place for days on end, and never get tired of doing it."

José Ramos ©

Google Plus:

The Story:

This shot was made on the 6th day of the Iceland trip. I had been shooting a gorgeous mountain off the beaten path in the south on the day before, during sunset (I'm eager to submit those photos), and decided to head to Skogafoss during the night, to be able to have enough time to shoot both Skogafoss and Seljalandfoss the next day. Fortunately/Unfortunately it was raining a lot as soon as I woke up, so I opted to stay inside the car and sleep a bit more, as my body was starting to get exhausted. The rain kept pouring, although with less intensity, so I decided I just had to leave the car and try to shoot.

This is probably my favourite waterfall in Iceland, due to the simple fact that you can be right next to the area where that massive amount of water fall on the ground. You can feel the huge amount of water spray dozens of meters before reaching the waterfall, and when you finally get really near... well... it's absolute water hell! Imagine the heaviest rainfall you can... now imagine it coming from every single direction... now imagine the thunderous sound of the water crushing the rocky ground... now feel that unique and pervasive tingling sensation of being near something that just feels too big and powerful, making you feel tiny, microscopic, insignificant... well, that is Skogafoss, and it just feels great.

After shooting Godafoss, Detifoss and then Skogafoss, I could confirm that some kind of divine creature must have participated in sculpting this Island... There just too much unique beauty, to be able to imagine it as a byproduct of chaos and randomness. Then I went to Seljalandfoss, and this certainty just became even stronger.

As you can easily imagine, the weather wasn't at it's best during this day. Absolutely overcast sky and constant light rain. Once more the usual trouble to protect the camera and clean filters between every shot. From a certain distance, it was outright impossible to do even short exposures.

This waterfall has been photographed thousands of times by excellent photographers. Even though I already said I do not actually mind in repeating angles which have already been made, as every photo is unique and different, I wanted to use the river course and it's pebbles to create something partially new. This involved soaking my legs once more in frozen water, but I just had to try to capture the simmetry between the lower part and the top sky, to contain and enrich the waterfall area. Went for a darker post-processing, with strong contrast, avoiding too much saturation and concentrating on the contrast between the rock textures and the waterfall.

Technical info:
Sony a77 + Sigma 10-20mm
Aperture: f/9
Exposure: 13 seconds
ISO: 100
Manual Focus
Wireless Remote shutter
Filters: 3 stop soft ND Grad Formatt Hitech; 4 stop Prostop IRND Formatt Hitech
Manfrotto 055XPRO3 tripod + Manfrotto Ballhead


José Ramos
Artist | Professional | Photography
My name is José Ramos and I'm a nature/landscape photographer.

I've developed an increasing interest in photography over the last years, and the passion grew so strong that this is the art I've chosen to express myself, as well as pay hommage to the beauty and power of the world which surrounds us.

In the end, what matters to me is to be able to depict and create my own interpretation of what surrounds us, sharing my vision in the form of photography.

Official online portfolio/site -


Current Residence: Portugal
I miss having a simple message center filled with great photos from people I used to know

I miss submitting a photo in a gigantic interesting world made of art of all kinds

I miss the vibrant community

I miss the emotion of getting tons of favorites and fantastic comments

I miss the thrill of the popular page, 'will it make it there?'

I miss the honor of Daily Deviations, and I can still remember the shivers I felt when someone told me by sms that I had been awarded a DD

I miss the provocative journals

I miss the perfect mix between maturity and innovation

I miss having a place here

I miss you.
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