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February 19, 2009
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The Cloister World - Part II by Inebriantia The Cloister World - Part II by Inebriantia
"The Cloister World" | Évora, Portugal

José Ramos © Follow me on Facebook - [link]

This photo was captured during a one-day trip to the fascinating city of Évora. Classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site, one can easily get amazed at the diversity and quantity of historic buildings, including Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

This is one of those special places where, on a weekend, without the noise of cars and the crowds, you can forget present time, and feel immersed somewhere in the past, when beauty was cherished, and schedules were not a concern.

One of the places I've visited was the amazing Cathedral of Évora, and one of it's strongest surprises: an exquisite and captivating cloister. Curiously, as usual, people were just passing by this place, in a hurry, not even stopping to breathe a little bit and properly look at their surroundings.

Cloisters have always fascinated me. In the past they were the place, inside a monastery, where the fusion of nature and men was strongest. Four cold stone corridors and a garden in the center, adorned with profound meditation, trying to reach the highest answers.


Just a 3 stop soft ND filter to expose the sky. Not easy at all to control the exposure, due to the extremely strong sunlight, fortunately filtered by passing clouds. Captured this image near the ground, to enhance the size of the trees and building, and focus on the path in the middle.
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I have yet to come across a single photograph of yours that I didn't think was breathtakingly beautiful. This is absolutely gorgeous.
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